Twurkaholics: From the Warehouse to the Soundgarden


Electronic Dance Music has moved more and more into the mainstream in the past few years, making its way from underground clubs and warehouses to big name concert venues.


One of the last holdovers from the old school warehouse parties in Philadelphia was a series of events thrown by the crew at Actual Records.


One of their more popular recent events, called “Twurkaholics”, drew masses of fans into warehouses and secret venues across the city. The events were dark, smokey, and packed to the gills. They featured DJs who weren’t big names, but were big talents. They cost $10 or less, and included a ton of free giveaways.


Over the last few months, Actual Records has been expanding. They’ve been working hand in hand with Soundgarden Hall (one of the most exciting new venues in the city) influencing the line-ups for major touring shows and providing opening DJs for some of the biggest names in the EDM game today.



On Friday, December 14th, the two sides of Actual Records inevitably came together as Twurkaholics moved out of the underground and into Soundgarden Hall for an event that we can only describe as magically bizarre (in the best possible way).



The event, which still cost just $10 for over 6 hours of music, featured a slew of DJs that have played at past Actual Records events, from locals to the headliner “Proper Villains”.



These DJs might not be house-hold names, but they are every bit as talented (and more so than many nationally touring “DJs”).


In addition to the 10+ acts that rocked the decks, there were multiple dance crews, numerous giveaways, and a surprise visit from none other than Kool-Aid Man (who came crashing through a video screen part way through the night to the delight of fans). Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh!



The party was simply bonkers. Everyone, from the fans at the front to those in the 21+ area in the back were raging and having an amazing time from the moment the doors opened until they closed shortly after 2am (at which point many people headed off to the after party that took place in a warehouse).


The energy inside Soundgarden Hall was as high as we’ve seen it for any event there since the place opened. This energy wasn’t built up by some big name DJ, with a stunning stage show, and a pre-recorded set. It was built through a love of the music and the scene in Philadelphia.



It was built from the ground up, with sweat and hard work. It was built by understanding what truly makes an event unique and not changing that model, even when moving from the underground venue to the mainstream one. It was built by those that change the game, instead of allowing the game to change them.



Sappy? A little. But we’re from the old school, from a time where people danced in all corners of the room instead of facing a stage…a time when there was an actual love of the music and not just the scene (and the good and bad that go along with it). Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that those things haven’t vanished altogether. The next Twurkaholics party at Soundgarden Hall will be January 25th, 2013.


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You can view an expanded photo gallery from Twurkaholics below (click thumbnails for full-sized slide show):