Irish March Madness Lasted All Year Long

This is no ordinary week we’re all faced with. With St. Patty’s Day and the NCAA tournament all day Thursday  (not to mention NCAA games all day Friday-Sunday and a slew of other Irish laden drinking events over the weekend) this is shaping up to be a crazy four days. It’s estimated that close to two billion dollars are lost during the NCAA tournament due to lacking productivity at businesses across the board. You’re probably planning your early exit from work as you read this. Good luck.


Some of the teams in the tournament have great school names and great mascots but we thought some schools (in the tournament or not) could use an updated mascot with a little humor that was a little more in line with the current state of the school (or just made us chuckle). We compiled the following top-15 list of new college mascots (in no particular order).

15: The UMASS “60 Seconds of Ecstasy”
14: The Longwood “Boners”
13: The Columbia “White-Lines”
12: The Coppin State “Dealers”
11: The Fairleigh Dickinson “Unjust Incest”
10: The Tulane “Highways”
09: The Stony Brook “Munchies”
08: The Oral Roberts “Civil Unions”
07: The Butler “Hors D’oeuvres”
06: The Wright State “Two-Wrongs”
05: The West Virginia “Kissing Cousins”
04: The Idaho “You-Da-Pimps”
03: The BYU “Chastity”
02: The Rice “Uncle Bens”
01: The Morehead State “Swallows”

We’d love to hear any ideas that you might have…

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