Mother of Dragons! Old Valyrian: Game of Thrones Episode 4 Recap

Mother of Dragons!

Old Valyrian: A Game of Thrones Episode 4 Recap

By: Dan Shorr


Joffrey meets the people, Mormont meets his maker and Daenerys Targeryen finally gets her army.

A Forest:


Jaime Lannister thought he used to have it all. A loving (sociopathic, illegitimate, product of incest, doesn’t-actually-know-Jaime-is-his-father) son. A great (physical) relationship with his twin sister (lover). And, of course, one of the most famous and lethal sword-wielding right hands in the entire world. Now look at him. He’s got corns on his feet, he’s dehydrated and he’s got the Addams Family’s hand butler dangling from his neck. At least Jaime isn’t getting stomped into the mud or tricked into chugging horse urine. Oh.

King’s Landing:


Tyrion wants his old eunuch buddy Varys to help him prove that Cercei tried to have him killed during the Battle of the Blackwater. Varys is much more interested in lecturing about what happens in Myr (it stays there). For everyone that bet big on Varys’ castration being the result of a sorcerers’ bizarre penis sacrifice, congratulations – you got it! If you doubled down and bet that Varys was keeping that same sorcerer in a crate with his mouth grotesquely sewed shut? Even more congratulations as you must be a wealthy person involved with a very quirky gambling ring.

Craster’s Keep:


Sam checks in on the Keep’s newest baby mama, Gilly. She is not in the mood for Sam’s uncalled for cheeriness as her son is inevitable sacrifice fodder for Craster. “Can you save my baby’s life?” she asks Sam. He gives her a look like “not if it involves any long distance running.”

Dream Forest:


Speaking of which, Bran is running. Conditional logic has taught us this also means Bran is dreaming. The kid from Love Actually is hanging out with Bran in his dreamworld and urges the young Stark to go climb a huge tree in search of the perpetually squawking 3-eyed crow. Because that always goes well. Bran gets to the top of the tree and, well, look who it is! Maintaining her reputation as the least fun character on Game of Thrones, Catelyn Stark shows up to enforce her strict “no climbing!” policy and send her son plummeting to the ground. Even Bran’s subconscious recognizes how awful Catelyn is.

King’s Landing:


Varys assumes the illiteracy of all prostitutes, both former and active. Ros teaches him the ignorance of stereotyping as her ability to READ has led her to discover that Littlefinger has requested not one, but two feather beds for his journey to the Eyrie. Yeah. You heard her. TWO feather beds. Lord Baelish stays in first class. But is the second bed for Sansa? Varys thinks so.

King’s Landing:


“[the dragon] ate her, while her son watched!” Getting exuberantly riled up on some violent historical anecdotes, typical King Joffrey. While the Queen Regent and the Queen of Thorns, Cercei and Olenna Tyrell, trade quips and check out potential wedding locations, Margaery leads Joffrey into uncharted territory. She brings him face to face with…pedestrians! Meet the 99%, Joffrey, they are just like you – only without the homicidal tendencies and custom crossbow collection. Margaery waves to a massive crowd of King’s Landing commoners as Joffrey initially looks on bewildered. He studies her motions. Short, subtle movement of the wrist. Ever so slight cuppage of the palm. Bright, wide smile. Hey, I can do this! Joffrey waves at the crowd as Cercei looks on horrified and yells: “How did she finally teach him how to wave?!?!?!”



Theon opens up. He admits Ned Stark was essentially his real father and acknowledges how low he has fallen. Whoops! Theon is preaching to the wrong guy as he finds himself victim to the Westeros version of Punk’d with Ramsay Bolton playing the Aston Kutcher role: you get tortured, you get freed – but guess what!! You’re not actually free. And you go back to being tortured.

Disregard everything Theon’s fake friend – revealed as Ramsay Bolton – has said. He is a twisted liar that, in the books, has committed atrocious acts that make King Joffrey look like a six year old Sansa Stark. The bastard son of Robb Stark’s stern Lieutenant Roose Bolton, this new character is a depraved man who was willing to murder his own men just to mess with Theon and destroy his morale even further. I don’t foresee these two becoming the next Tyrion/Bronn dynamic duo. Just a hunch.



Brienne is disgusted with the whimpering Kingslayer and calls him a coward. No wonder he doesn’t tell her why he lied to their captors about the Sapphire Isle, named for its blue water and not for its abundance of gemstones. Jaime just looks at her silently like this is the worst road trip ever.

King’s Landing:


Tywin Lannister is a serious man with a penchant for excessive correspondence (dude is always writing letters!) and verbally decimating his children. Cercei, her nervousness obvious, confronts her father. First, she just addresses her typical paranoia concerning her loss of influence on Joffrey, a development Tywin seems to celebrate. But she really wants to get some daddy-daughter issues off her chest; Cercei believes she is the strongest Lannister spawn and wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Tywin has none for her. “I distrust you…because you are not as smart as you think you are.” Ouch.

King’s Landing:


Olenna Tyrell gives props to the Stark family motto before noticing “a spider in the garden.” Varys is getting his screen time up. They decide that while they both think Sansa is really boring, they still feel bad for her. Plus, she has that very old last name which makes her the eventual key to the North. Secret matchmaking? I think so!

King’s Landing:


Margaery finds Sansa preying outside and asks Sansa’s guards to give them some privacy. The guards don’t budge until Margaery threatens to tell the King and boy, do those guards get out of there fast. Margaery lays it on thick. “I want us to be friends, great friends.” Not only friends, but sisters! Looks like Margaery is going to try and set Sansa up, good luck to that guy. Also, Sansa gullibly believed that Porridge Plague was a real disease. She really is Catelyn Stark’s daughter.

Craster’s Keep:


Back at the Keep, things get out of hand (where is Jaime when you need him). Following the funeral of one of the Brothers, a contingent of unruly Night’s Watch members unsatisfied with Craster’s treatment finally speak up. Craster slugs through a drum stick while the Brothers watch, near starving – not helpful. Lord Commander Mormont tries to calm the ensuing scuffle, but it is too late. A few vulgarities get thrown around and next you thing you know Craster and Mormont are dead and Sam is on the run with Gilly and her newborn infant.



Thoros and the Brotherhood without Banners escort Arya to their lair, which appears to be the Batcave. There, we meet the Brotherhood’s leader, Beric Dondarrion (he appeared briefly in the first season as Ned Stark sent him to bring the Mountain to justice). Beric, letting the Batcave’s ambiance rub off on him, gives a what-if-christopher-nolan-remade-the-dark-knight-as-robin-hood speech; he basically just babbles crime-fighter jargon. The Hound, after deflecting the various charges levied against him, is accused by Arya for murdering her friend Mycah. The Hound raises a good point, who is he to question princes and princesses, but it isn’t good enough to keep him out of a trail by combat which we will all have to wait until next week to watch.



“I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targeryen of the blood of old Valyria. Valyrian is my mother tongue.” In a scene full of highlights that could very well be the best 5 minutes of Game of Thrones to date, Dany’s language switch was my favorite part. We all watched as the crude slaver called her names and insulted Dany to her face. Guess what? She knew what he was saying all along. Time for a little Astapor BBQ to even the score.  The Unsullied kill their former masters (did anyone else think the Valyrian name for the Unsullied sounded like “spaghetti?”) and now with 8,000 eunuchs, 3 dragons and two senior citizens, the Mother of Dragons is ready to take back her throne.

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[Story by Dan Shorr]


Mother of Dragons! A Recap of Episode 3

Mother of Dragons!

A Game of Thrones Recap

By: Dan Shorr



Lord Hoster Tully’s funeral. A quaint, traditional ceremony featuring all of the essential theatrics we expect out of a Riverrun affair – floating corpses, flaming arrows and, of course, naval cremation.

Edmure Tully, Catelyn’s doofus brother and newly named Lord of Riverrun, attempts to ignite his father’s corpse before it floats away on a small boat, a rudimentary activity by Westeros’ standards that would land him in a federal penitentiary in 2013.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to his education at the Bran Stark School of Archery, Edmure misses his target. His second attempt isn’t even close as the crowd awkwardly watches the boat drift out further and further.  Catelyn looks worried, but what else is new. Edmure lights another arrow. He aims…oh. Another miss. Three strikes buddy – you are out. Uncle Blackfish quickly pinch-hits. He snatches the bow, checks the wind, and…it…is…good! And by good, I mean Hoster Tully’s lifeless body is on fire. Blackfish throws the bow back to Edmure, a subtle lesson on the art of the First Impression.

Later we learn that Edmure, ignoring orders, captured a Lannister mill in hopes of engaging the Mountain, the menacing Clegane brother that has been terrorizing the countryside. Instead, Edmure lost 208 soldiers, ruined Robb’s plans and only has Tywin’s “father’s brother’s great grandsons” (two teenage Lannister hostages) to show for it.

“There’s glory enough to go around” Edmure says, mistaking his actions for courageous rather than foolhardy. I was reminded of a similar disposition seen last year in Theon Greyjoy’s storyline, that of the pathetic leader desperate to form his own identity. Edmure’s botched funeral arson was also somewhat reminiscent of Theon’s grotesquely inept execution of Ser Rodrik, a beheading that took four swings and several stomps to complete. To be clear, this is not a favorable pattern of behavior to emulate.

King’s Landing:


Scheme Team! A veritable who’s who of liars, backstabbers and generally duplicitous scoundrels – Grand Maester Pycelle, Tyrion, Varys and Littlefinger – silently gather for a Small Council meeting with the intimidating Hand of the King, Tywin Lannister. Cercei shows up fashionably late (duh) and improvises her seat assignment. There was no way she was going to sit next to Pycelle. Gross. Tyrion follows his sister’s lead and also shifts the furniture around by pulling the patented Will Smith Men in Black Screeching Chair Drag.

Down to business. Varys gleefully shares news that Harrenhal (awarded to Littlefinger last season by young Joff) is now under Roose Bolton’s control. Littlefinger appears unaffected as we soon learn that he is “positively predisposed” towards something else.

A notable development: On Tywin’s orders, Littlefinger steps down from his position as Master of Coin to travel to the Eyrie, home of the Sky Cells and the infamous Moon Door. There, he is meant to seduce and court crazy Lysa Tully, who we last saw barking gibberish and breastfeeding her 10 year old son. Pycelle gasps: “a successful courtship would make Lord Baelish acting Lord of the Vale.” Looks like Roose Bolton can keep Harrenhal. But hold your horses. There is a royal wedding to plan! Somebody has to attend to the finances. Enter Tyrion, King’s Landing’s newest Master of Coin.

A Forest:


Intimately familiar with the nature of captivity, Jaime informs his fellow prisoner, Brienne, that she is likely to be raped that evening when the group makes camp. He urges her not to resist her captors as they will probably kill her if she puts up a fight. Invoking a rather cruel reference to Dead King Renly, Jaime suggests that Breinne willingly allow the assault to happen. Despite his typical antagonistic sarcasm and inappropriate remarks, Jaime is actually trying to be helpful. He later confirms his sincerity when he successfully saves Brienne. Is the start of a new Kingslayer? Hold that thought.

Outside of Inn:


Now a “guest” of Thoros and the Brotherhood without Banners, Arya Stark says goodbye to a dear friend at the same site where she lost another (insinuated in a brief confrontation with the Hound, this inn appears to be the same one where Arya’s friend Mycah, the butcher’s son, was murdered early in Season One). Arya’s chubby accomplice Hot Pie apparently makes a hell of a loaf of brown bread and has decided stay at the inn as a cook. He gives Arya a triceratops everything bagel as a sorry-you-are-a-hostage-again/ going-away present. Goodbye Hot Pie, I would have gladly kept you around instead of…



“I’ve missed you uncle.” Uh oh. We know what is coming next. Once Catelyn Stark gets within 25 feet of any familiar face, she is guaranteed to cry/ complain/ lament/ pity herself/ cry/ blame herself/ cry. Her uncle, Brynden “Blackfish” Tully (Blackfish says “Blackfish” several times so we know to call him Blackfish), the skilled archer from the episode’s first scene, is only a few feet away and is certainly a familiar face. Its only a matter of time…

Catelyn looks out the window, pouting. She recalls being a child and waiting for her father to return home:  “…and I would sit at this window every day when the sun came up. I wonder how many times Bran or Rickon stared across…[cries]” There it is! The Weekly Catelyn Stark Breakdown. Seriously, GoT Producers, this has to stop. Call up HBO and get them to revive that show In Treatment and ship Catelyn off for a bit. Gabriel Bryne would have a field day. Everybody wins, trust me.



Queen Talisa tends to the two teenage Lannister hostages. Lending a hand, bandaging a prisoner’s wound; you think, hey, this is a nice, sincere Queen. But when they ask about her husband, Robb Stark, she reinforces the two Lannisters’ darkest fears – she tells them the King of the North is indeed a flesh eating werewolf who eats kids on full moons. While the audience knows this is not true, imagine if you were those two hostages. That confirmation would be absolutely terrifying. You would assume Robb’s wife would know whether or not the guy is anamorphing into a wolf-beast every couple days. If I’m that 15 year old, there is no reason why I wouldn’t believe her. That is just not a pleasant environment to be imprisoned in. When that full moon comes out, those two kids are going to have a conniption fit. Shame on you, Talisa. Really not the type of behavior you want to see from someone who regularly works with children.

Beyond The Wall:


According to Mance Rayder: “They always save the meat for their army” (and they take the time to craft the dead horses into fun crop circle designs too!). The “they” being the whitewalkers (the bizarre creature that we saw close up at the very end of Season Two’s finale), and the “army” being the dead humans that have been turned into ice zombies. With new species and characters popping up every week, it’s important to keep track of these things. Mance assigns Jon Snow to a 20 person group that is going to climb the wall (!!!) and sneak attack Castle Black from the inside. Everybody looks around casually like this is no big deal but A) Climb the wall? The 700 foot ice wall?! And B) Jon just got assigned to go murder his Night’s Watch Brothers in their sleep – not something I think he plans on following through on. With apologies to Ygritte, it looks like Jon Snow is going to have to get away sooner than later.

Beyond The Wall:


Craster’s Keep – home to the most strictly enforced 50-girls-to-1-guy ratio in the entire seven kingdoms. After he lets the Night’s Watch Brothers inside, Craster snarls: “I would have turned you all away if I weren’t a Godly man” (by ‘Godly,’ he means he sacrifices male infants to whitewalkers). Craster is just as restrictive and rude as when the Night’s Watch Brothers first met him last season, but after losing most of their friends and witnessing the first signs of a global ice zombie apocalypse, their tolerance for his cruelty seems much lower.

Sam takes offense to some of Craster’s cannibalism humor and, looking for a pleasant change of environment, decides to go witness his old friend Gilly deliver a child. All births are tense in the Keep, as all boys get scarified. We know she has a boy because GoT producers, mixing up their source of nudity, give us a three second shot of the infant’s dangling penis. Uh-oh, Gilly.

Outside Castle:


Theon can barely walk but he is determined to get out. His ally frees him and sets him off on a horse. This feels too easy…



Stannis is not in good shape. His aggressive mid war/ life crisis is still going strong and now his mistress is preparing to take a temporary leave of absence. Stannis tells her he “wants her” but his urge is not necessarily sexual in nature. He craves another shadow spawn but his Lady in Red is not feeling his desperation. Melisandre uses the “can’t tonight sweetie, your fire is burning too low, and it’ll kill you if we try” excuse. She goes off searching for King’s blood and suggests a future sacrifice.



Mother of Dragons! Dany seems to have stumbled onto Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ set. She attempts to give water to a Jim Caviezel extra as her two older companions bicker in the background about purchasing the Unsullied. Jorah brings up a good point; war brings out the worst in men and the death of innocents is inevitable. Dany could curb that violence with the Unsullied as they are not “men” and will never go savage unless they are told to do so.  Ser Barristan isn’t having it. He is old school. Barristan tells Dany of her famous older brother, Prince Rhaegar, and explains that he had a loyal army because “they loved him, not because they had been bought at a slavers auction.” Jorah ends the debate with a zinger: “Rhaegar fought valiantly, Rhaegar fought nobly and Rhaegar died.”

Dany has made up her mind. She tells the crude slaver she wants all of the Unsullied. All or none, its like that with the Mother of Dragons. The slaver’s assistant, wearing the Maergary Tyrell half-shirt, censors some of her master’s most tasteless comments (he calls Dany a “slut” and mentions his intention to feed the Dothraki soldiers to his pigs) but does tell Dany that she can’t afford 7,877 out of the 8,000 soldiers. Dany says no biggie and offers up a dragon. Pardoning her crew’s interruption, the deal is made. Does Dany really trade a dragon to this scumbag? We shall see. Dany also gets a new companion as she acquires the Slaver’s assistant, Missandei, significantly dropping the median age of her posse in the process.

King’s Landing:


Tyrion, surprisingly in a brothel on business, not pleasure, has to collect all of the necessary Master of Coin literature from Littlefinger before his Master of Coin predecessor leaves for the Eyrie. In much more exciting news, Tyrion repays Pod for saving his life by buying him prostitutes. Hopefully this goes better than that time he did the same thing for Joffrey.

While Pod loses his virginity via Meereenese knot, Tyrion makes an interesting discovery: the Throne is in massive debt and Littlefinger has been borrowing money heavily from foreign lenders just to keep the finances afloat. Heard that before.

Pod returns with the gold Tyrion paid to the prostitutes. Instead of getting scholarly and discussing Game of Thrones’ portrayal of sexual power and identity and how Pod has been objectified as a prostitute in his own right after being paid to perform sex, let’s just save it for another day.



Theon waits on a mountainside. His sister Yara is nowhere in sight as arrows start whizzing by. Looks like his captors caught up to him. They chase him, firing arrow after arrow as Theon races ahead on his white horse. I don’t know what George R. R. Martin and the GoT Producers are trying to tell us, but there are a lot of people on this show that really suck with a bow and arrow. Luckily, one of them brought a mace to the party; that’ll work. Knocked off his horse and gasping face down, Theon looks up to see the creepy torturer who gave him his most recent manicure. The torturer and his men pull Theon’s pants down as he starts squirming. After Jaime’s conversation about not being able to imagine being a woman and facing that kind of situation earlier in the episode, the GoT Producers use Theon’s predicament to eliminate that sentiment and demonstrate how the show’s characters, men and women alike, are all susceptible to the same horrific carnage.

Finally someone who knows how to shoot takes out the rapist crew. The torturer looks up… its Theon’s friend who helped him escape, but wait – the torturer recognizes him and says: “You little bastard” before receiving an arrow headshot. Who exactly is this supposed friend of Theon Greyjoy? NO SPOILERS HERE, but for the fans of the book it should be pretty obvious at this point.



Meanwhile, now that the audience has been thoroughly threatened with rape, Brienne is fetched by her captors. Her shrieks are painful as she attempts to resist. Jaime saves her from her defilement, lying to Locke (the man with the Sin City scar in charge of this rag tag operation) about Brienne’s familial access to sapphires. A ransom would be paid, but only if Brienne is “alive, honor unbesmirched.” It works. Jaime watches as Brienne is brought back, smiles at her, and proceeds to get a royal meal and shower. He goes to bed, nothing out of the ordinary…oh wait, THE KINGSLAYER GETS HIS HAND CHOPPED OFF. WOAH!

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[Story by Dan Shorr]

The Blockley Plays Witness to The Miracles of Space Jesus

Space Jesus 1 copy

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind… just another fucking day on the job for the prodigal son of EDM.

Space Jesus 2 copy

Space Jesus in the brain child of Philadelphia based producer Jasha Tull. He developed a strong following in the area for with the release of his “Space Jesus” EP in 2011 and his follow up “PLANiTS” had fans from coast to coast drinking the Space Jesus Kool-aid.

DSC_1522 copy

Having already opened for such acts as Zeds Dead, Rusko, Big Gigantic, and a slew of others, it was time for Tull and his flowing locks of Jesus-like hair to take things to new interplanetary heights.

DSC_1622 copy

On Wednesday, April 17th, he kicked off the Space Jesus Live tour at The Blockley in Philadelphia. The show, which has Space Jesus playing with a live bass player and drummer also featured sets from two other members of the Deathwaltz Media roster (Space Jesus’ artist management team), Greenhouse Lounge and Biodiesel.

DSC_1518 copy

The show kicked off at 9pm with an extended set from Greenhouse Lounge. Although there weren’t too many people on hand in the early going, that didn’t stop Greenhouse Lounge from throwing down.

DSC_1520 copy

The electro-funk trio from Florida combines a wide range of musical genres, pulling beats from the world of EDM and infusing it with live guitar, drums, and a smorgasbord of samples.

DSC_1525 copy

Up next was Biodiesel who are quite literally a drum & bass duo who have been on our radar for the past year since we reviewed their “Two-One-Live” album (a live recording also from The Blockley) in April of 2012. Johnny Rabb is a crazy talented drummer and when you add in the live bass stylings of Clay Parnell, you have a the perfect recipe for some sweet ear candy.

DSC_1536 copyDSC_1602 copy

With fans both young and old anxiously awaiting, Space Jesus took the stage for his headlining performance and dropped some sick beats on The Blockley. In addition to his production and DJ skills, Space Jesus was quick to rock the mic to the delight of the crowd.

DSC_1556 copy DSC_1638 copy

With the live band in tow, Space Jesus made believers out of all in attendance. He may not have walked on water, he may not have walked on the moon, but he walked his way into our hearts. Be sure to catch the Space Jesus live tour, coming to a town near you. The next stop will be in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, April 19th.

DSC_1558_h copy

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[photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

You can view additional photos below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Bass Nation Invades Soundgarden Hall with Crizzly, Xilent, and Ajapai


Philly got a full dosage of bass on Friday, April 12th when Crizzly, Xilent, Ajapai, and Des McMahon hit Soundgarden Hall for Bass Nation.  The show featured support from locals Love City DJs and Jack Deezl, and was a great time from the moment the doors opened.


After Jack Deezl and Love City DJs kicked off the night and warmed up the crowd, Ajapai hit the decks rocking a fedora…this may be a first for any DJ at Soundgarden Hall.


The Japanese Dubstep maestro, Ajapai, put on an awesome set that, as one could guess, was filled with bass.  The crowd was left begging for more when Xilent came on following Ajapai.


Rocking shades and blasting bass heavy tunes, Xilent picked up the pace and kept the crowd rocking.  Xilent did not disappoint and his fellow English countrymen would have been proud of his performance.


The fans at SGH seemed to enjoy Xilent so much that the night could have ended with him.  We were very happy that it didn’t however, because we knew the best had yet to come.  Up next was Texas based Crizzly and his kilt wearing hype man.


We have covered Crizzly numerous times (most recently at Snowball Music Festival and when he opened for EOTO at the TLA) and knew his set was going to be a blast.


Crizzly mixed a wide variety of music and played everything from Missy Elliot remixes to a remix of “This is the Way We Ball”

Crizzly “Way We Ball”


Crizzly’s hype man put on a show of his own. We believe another first happened at Soundgarden this night as he ran through the crowd and onto the balcony with the microphone, handing it off to people as he went by.


The night got even wilder as people were brought onto the stage, cell phones we borrowed from the audience and used to film, and multiple crowd surfing rides went down.


Crizzly showed Philly yet again that he is the real deal.  Bass Nation Philly was again the place to be and we can’t wait for the next one on Friday, April 26th at Soundgarden Hall featuring Bro Safari, Roksonix and many more.

Bass Nation Philly Ticket Info:

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[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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Philadelphia Union and Toronto FC Slow Play to 1-1 Draw


Eight yellow cards and a red card were on display at PPL Park on Saturday, April 13th. In between the cards, numerous other penalties, and injury stoppages, the Toronto FC took on the Philadelphia Union on their home pitch.


At half time, the two teams remained knotted in a 0-0 tie.


The Union had many chances to score during the match but Toronto GK Joe Bendik was stout in goal making nine saves during the game. On the other side, Philadelphia GK Zac MacMath faced only two shots on goal. Unfortunately, the second of the two went for a score off the foot of Toronto F Robert Earnshaw in the 77th minute.


In the 88th minute, trailing 1-0, Jack McInerney found the back of the net for Philadelphia, but the goal was called-off on a questionable penalty called on McInerney.


However the 2013 Union, more resilient than the 2012 team, kept plugging away and McInerney scored again moments later in stoppage time to tie the game at 1-1.


Just after the 6:30 mark in stoppage time, the Union had a chance to win the game, and walk away with three points. Antoine Hoppenot found himself with the ball, all alone behind the Toronto defense but was denied by Bendik who charged in to make the final save of the game.


In the end, the game resulted in a 1-1 draw with both teams earning a point. It was the Union’s second consecutive 1-1 draw. Up next, Philadelphia travels to DC to take on the United on April 21st (5pm, ESPN2). Philly is 0-2-1 on the road so far in 2013 and a win against rival DC would give them a much needed boost as three of their next four contests will be played away from PPL Park.


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[Photo credit: Michael Green]

You can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge):




Markus Schulz Rids Soundgarden Hall of Unicorns

DSC_1458_h copy

Markus Schulz’s Scream Bus Tour rolled into Philadelphia on Thursday, April 11th to play at Soundgarden Hall with support from Khohma and M Machine.

DSC_1378 copy

We had spoken quickly with Markus about a week earlier and were looking forward to following up and catching his set on Soundgarden Hall’s killer sound system. With a lot of buzz also surrounding Khohma and M Machine, this show had the potential to be a special one for Trance fans.

u·ni·corn [yoo-ni-kawrn]


1. A mythical creature resembling a horse, with a single horn in the center of its forehead: often symbolic of chastity or purity.

2. A over-emotional Trance music track, usually laced with cheesy melodies and vocals throughout.

DSC_1491 copy

While we haven’t seen any horned horses parading around Philadelphia recently, we have heard our fair share of the latter. The appropriate cure would clearly be to do away with unicorns altogether. Enter Markus Schulz, the Unicorn Slayer.

DSC_1508_h copy

By the time we entered Soundgarden Hall, Khohma was already rocking the crowd, showing everyone why he’s garnering so much admiration from fans and peers alike. From the back of the venue we could see that The Scream Bus Tour had brought in some extra fire power in the form of a sweet LED stage set-up and we were anxious to get up close and check it out.

DSC_1418 copy

But first things first. Markus Schulz had just entered the venue from his tour bus across the street (to the delight of fans waiting in line outside who cheered and shook his hand) and we had some more questions for him. You can check out our interview right here:

From there we caught the end of Khohma from the Hacienda Lounge (21+ area) at the back of the club.

DSC_1380 copy

Up next was M Machine. The San Francisco trio of Ben Swardlick, Eric Luttrell and Andy Coenen, who are touring in support of they newest EP, “Metropolis Pt II”, had SGH going bananas with their multi-genre blending sound and signature light show which is synced to their music.

DSC_1433_h copy DSC_1424_h copy

We imagine that they’ll be making the festival rounds again this summer and we suggest you catch them if you have the chance.

DSC_1405 copy

At precisely 1230am, M Machine left the stage, the lights went dark, and Markus Schulz’s fans (many of whom either wore Unicorn inspired hats or “Unicorn Slayer” t-shirts) began to lose their minds.

DSC_1420 copy DSC_1499 copy

The Unicorn Slayer (a name he adopted after he was labeled with the moniker by a fan on Twitter) came out with a ton of energy. It was electric.

DSC_1487 copy DSC_1480 copy

Smiling, waiving at at the crowd, and generally enjoying himself, he laid into his set. Perhaps fans thought that the Scream Tour meant they were supposed to scream…because they certainly did a lot of it. Others waived signs at the DJ, danced, and lost themselves in a trance for the next 2+ hours.

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The tour now moves to Buffalo, NY today before hitting State College, PA and Washington, DC on Saturday.

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Netsky Revives Drum & Bass in Philly at Soundgarden Hall

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We had excitedly circled April 10th  on our concert calendar the moment we learned that Netsky was bringing his live band Drum & Bass show to Philly (presented by Steez Promo).

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Back before EDM culture was mainstream, Philadelphia was a mecca of Drum & Bass music in America. Weekly events, like Platinum at Fluid Nightclub, and Concrete Jungle packed fans in to see some of the biggest names in the biz like Roni Size, Goldie, Andy C, Usual Suspects, and Aphrodite.

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While today’s electronic music fans in Philadelphia tend to gravitate more towards house, trance, dubstep, and trap, there is a new wave of artists producing and playing top-notch Drum & Bass music for those of us who adore the genre. Of those doing it, none do it quite like Belgium’s Netsky.

His rise to fame has been swift yet well deserved, earning him global praise from fans and peers alike.

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Hours before the doors opened at Soundgarden Hall yesterday evening, we learned that due to inclement weather, his live band gear did not arrive in Philadelphia in time for the show. Our brief disappointment was quickly replaced with the realization that a Netsky DJ set would still give us an ample fix of Drum & Bass we’ve been craving. The show must go on.

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The evening kicked off at 8pm with an extended set by local duo DFG. Playing on four turntables, they were given the duty of warming up the crowd and easily rose to the challenge. With thunderstorms moving through the area, we arrived a little later than intended but still enjoyed the part of DFG’s set that we caught.

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Up next was another local DJ, Mojo Risin, who took over for the next two hours and quite literally set the stage for the headliner with some sweet Drum & Bass selections. The crowd was one of the smaller ones we’ve seen recently at Soundgarden. Maybe it was the rain, maybe it was because the event was held on a Wednesday, maybe it was the fact that it was a Drum & Bass event… whatever the reason, those that didn’t turn out to catch Netsky missed out big time.

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Joined on stage for the entirety of his set by Script MC, Netsky rocked SGH for two hours that we wished would never end. It was hands down one of the best, high energy sets we have heard in Philly in a long time.

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The added room on the dance floor turned out to be an added bonus for those in attendance as they were able to properly get down to the stellar track selection that Netsky offered up to the crowd. Mixing in hip-hop, bass music, and some funky throwbacks from generations past, the young Belgian worked the room like nobody’s business.

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Because he had been forced to play a DJ set instead of his live show, he extended his performance (which was originally scheduled to end at 130am) for an additional 30 minutes to the delight of everyone in the venue.

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When his set finally ended, he signed posters on stage and passed them out to the rabid fans at the front of the stage.

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We hope Philly can really get behind Drum & Bass music again and begin bringing back some of the biggest names in the genre from across the globe. We did it once, we can do it again.

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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