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It’s Official, Twurkaholics Are Sell-Outs

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Two months ago (in December, 2012) we brought you the story of Actual Records, the successful rise of their label, and their “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall.

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To give you a quick recap, the first ever Twurkaholics was held at Medusa Lounge, a venue that holds somewhere between 100-200 people.

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The first Twurkaholics party at Soundgarden Hall two months ago, packed over 1100 fans into the 2000 person capacity venue. The January edition, on the night of a snow storm in Philly, still brought in 1000 people.

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Last night (Saturday, February 16th), the third installment of Twurkaholics set a venue record for pre-sale tickets (800+) and by midnight the party had completely sold out the venue, forcing staff to turn away anyone without an advanced ticket. Sometimes, selling out is a good thing.

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The night before, Soundgarden Hall hosted a sold-out, 21 and over show with the legendary trance group Above & Beyond, making it two consecutive sold-out events.

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While the Above & Beyond event sold-out the venue based on the strength of name recognition and rabid fan base of the performers, it was quite a different story for Twurkaholics. The performers, while all very talented in their own right, would not have anywhere near the drawing power of an internationally acclaimed tour in other venues or cities. So how were they able to do it in Philadelphia? Good old fashioned hard work.

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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re fond of the dudes from Actual Records. They are all hard working, down to earth, talented, performers and self promoters. However, we don’t need to blow smoke (machines) up their ass. We don’t cover Twurkaholics because they are good guys; we cover their events because they have quickly become some of the largest, craziest, all-out-parties in the region.

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Their formula is simple, much as it was in the movie “Field of Dreams”: If you build it, they will come. Of course Actual Records isn’t in the business of building baseball fields, instead, they have built trust among Philadelphia EDM fans. That trust has been built in warehouses, small venues, and large venues. It is trust in the notion that their events are all about the music and the fans.

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They might not get the biggest names, okay, let’s be honest, they don’t get the biggest names, but they get top notch TALENT on the decks that throw down from the first set of the night until the last. It’s the trust that regardless who who is performing, that Twurkaholics will provide a full night of stellar music, that compels fans to faithfully pack into these events.

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Add in the low ticket cost ($10 in advance, $15 at the door), a ton of giveaways, dancers, performers, and costumed characters (courtesy of Funtown Productions), and it’s easy to see why Twurkaholics continues to raise the bar that they have set themselves.

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Last night’s Valentine’s Day edition featured DJs from the Actual Records crew and several others from the Trouble & Bass crew. There were women, men, and even a couple that performed a B2B (tag-team) set. The evening was headlined by AC Slater.

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Now that they’ve sold out one of the largest venues in the city that caters to EDM, what is next for Twurkaholics? Will they take the show on the road? Will they draw in fans from greater distances? Will the production value of the show increase? One thing is for certain… when the party returns next month, on March 8th with a Moombah edition called “Moombaholics”, be sure to get your tickets in advance or you could, quite literally, be left out in the cold.

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You can view more than 100 additional photos below (click thumbnails to enlarge):


Twurkaholics: From the Warehouse to the Soundgarden


Electronic Dance Music has moved more and more into the mainstream in the past few years, making its way from underground clubs and warehouses to big name concert venues.


One of the last holdovers from the old school warehouse parties in Philadelphia was a series of events thrown by the crew at Actual Records.


One of their more popular recent events, called “Twurkaholics”, drew masses of fans into warehouses and secret venues across the city. The events were dark, smokey, and packed to the gills. They featured DJs who weren’t big names, but were big talents. They cost $10 or less, and included a ton of free giveaways.


Over the last few months, Actual Records has been expanding. They’ve been working hand in hand with Soundgarden Hall (one of the most exciting new venues in the city) influencing the line-ups for major touring shows and providing opening DJs for some of the biggest names in the EDM game today.



On Friday, December 14th, the two sides of Actual Records inevitably came together as Twurkaholics moved out of the underground and into Soundgarden Hall for an event that we can only describe as magically bizarre (in the best possible way).



The event, which still cost just $10 for over 6 hours of music, featured a slew of DJs that have played at past Actual Records events, from locals to the headliner “Proper Villains”.



These DJs might not be house-hold names, but they are every bit as talented (and more so than many nationally touring “DJs”).


In addition to the 10+ acts that rocked the decks, there were multiple dance crews, numerous giveaways, and a surprise visit from none other than Kool-Aid Man (who came crashing through a video screen part way through the night to the delight of fans). Ohhhhh Yeahhhhhhh!



The party was simply bonkers. Everyone, from the fans at the front to those in the 21+ area in the back were raging and having an amazing time from the moment the doors opened until they closed shortly after 2am (at which point many people headed off to the after party that took place in a warehouse).


The energy inside Soundgarden Hall was as high as we’ve seen it for any event there since the place opened. This energy wasn’t built up by some big name DJ, with a stunning stage show, and a pre-recorded set. It was built through a love of the music and the scene in Philadelphia.



It was built from the ground up, with sweat and hard work. It was built by understanding what truly makes an event unique and not changing that model, even when moving from the underground venue to the mainstream one. It was built by those that change the game, instead of allowing the game to change them.



Sappy? A little. But we’re from the old school, from a time where people danced in all corners of the room instead of facing a stage…a time when there was an actual love of the music and not just the scene (and the good and bad that go along with it). Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that those things haven’t vanished altogether. The next Twurkaholics party at Soundgarden Hall will be January 25th, 2013.


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You can view an expanded photo gallery from Twurkaholics below (click thumbnails for full-sized slide show):

Glow Garden Casts New Light on Tiberino Museum

The Tiberino Museum Garden Courtyard is one of the hidden gems of Philadelphia. Located in West Philadelphia, the courtyard is a large common area behind the museum. It is decorated with sculptures, 3D murals, a small stage, and a slew of other art.

On Saturday, May 19th, Funtown Productions/Bodypaint.Me and Psy-Fi Productions decided to cast some new light on the courtyard, black light.

The event, called Glow Garden, was a showcase of body painting, performance art, aerialists, glow hoopers, dancers, and special garden illuminations by JK Concepts.

The courtyard was transformed into a mystical land of glowing bubbles, fairies, and sick jungle beats produced by Mr. Manic, Agent Zero, Redhat, Golden Spiral, and CounterVulture.

We hope this is just the first of many Glow Garden events at the Tiberino. Those who weren’t there, certainly missed out. Those who were, are as excited for the next one as we are.

[photo credits: Steve Garfinkel]

You can view our full photo gallery below. We also suggest you check out the photos from our good friend Joe Norris!



Bassnectar Drops Bass Center V on Philly

Friday, April 20th has been circled on our concert calendar for months, ever since Philadelphia was announced as the host city for Bassnectar’s Bass Center V.

The Liacouras Center at Temple University served as the venue for thousands of bass-crazy fans who packed all three levels of the building with their hoops, glow gear, signs, and totems.

We admittedly hit a snag on our way to the venue that forced us to miss opening act Vibe Squad but arrived in what we thought was plenty of time to see another one of our favorites, A-Trak. Little did we know that our photographer would be told at will-call that the venue staff had given his photo-pass and ticket away to someone with a completely different name with no logical reason for doing so.

By the time the whole thing was worked out (thank you to Bassnectar’s manager for the assist) we barely had enough time to make it inside before A-Trak’s set was over. Not quite sure why a venue would chose to turn over passes/tickets to someone who didn’t not have an ID that matched the list, however, the person who picked up said passes used their real name and the situation is being looked into. Not cool.

Once on the floor of the venue we were impressed by all of the effort that had been put into the visual aesthetics. Bassheads were decked out in costumes with some great totems that ranged from humorous to downright impressive. There were also many visual presentations courtesy of Funtown Productions and Bodypaint.ME who were on-hand to body paint anyone who wanted it.

The moment that Bassnectar took to the stage the energy level in the Liacouras Center went bananas. He has some of the nuttiest, loyal fans on Earth and it’s easy to see why. Seamlessly mixing in hits from his new album “Va-Va-Voom” as well as several of his classics, Bassnectar took everyone on a journey of epic highs and dirty bass-drop lows. Add in the crazy light show and it was a thrill for the senses.

After interviewing him at Ultra Music Festival last month, we knew he planned on bringing it at Bass Center V and he did exactly that!

Bassnectar is truly a treat for EDM fans and although our night started off a bit rough, he did more then enough to smooth it out.

You can view a full photo gallery below: