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The Blockley Plays Witness to The Miracles of Space Jesus

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind… just another fucking day on the job for the prodigal son of EDM.

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Space Jesus in the brain child of Philadelphia based producer Jasha Tull. He developed a strong following in the area for with the release of his “Space Jesus” EP in 2011 and his follow up “PLANiTS” had fans from coast to coast drinking the Space Jesus Kool-aid.

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Having already opened for such acts as Zeds Dead, Rusko, Big Gigantic, and a slew of others, it was time for Tull and his flowing locks of Jesus-like hair to take things to new interplanetary heights.

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On Wednesday, April 17th, he kicked off the Space Jesus Live tour at The Blockley in Philadelphia. The show, which has Space Jesus playing with a live bass player and drummer also featured sets from two other members of the Deathwaltz Media roster (Space Jesus’ artist management team), Greenhouse Lounge and Biodiesel.

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The show kicked off at 9pm with an extended set from Greenhouse Lounge. Although there weren’t too many people on hand in the early going, that didn’t stop Greenhouse Lounge from throwing down.

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The electro-funk trio from Florida combines a wide range of musical genres, pulling beats from the world of EDM and infusing it with live guitar, drums, and a smorgasbord of samples.

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Up next was Biodiesel who are quite literally a drum & bass duo who have been on our radar for the past year since we reviewed their “Two-One-Live” album (a live recording also from The Blockley) in April of 2012. Johnny Rabb is a crazy talented drummer and when you add in the live bass stylings of Clay Parnell, you have a the perfect recipe for some sweet ear candy.

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With fans both young and old anxiously awaiting, Space Jesus took the stage for his headlining performance and dropped some sick beats on The Blockley. In addition to his production and DJ skills, Space Jesus was quick to rock the mic to the delight of the crowd.

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With the live band in tow, Space Jesus made believers out of all in attendance. He may not have walked on water, he may not have walked on the moon, but he walked his way into our hearts. Be sure to catch the Space Jesus live tour, coming to a town near you. The next stop will be in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, April 19th.

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[photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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