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Bass Nation Invades Soundgarden Hall with Crizzly, Xilent, and Ajapai


Philly got a full dosage of bass on Friday, April 12th when Crizzly, Xilent, Ajapai, and Des McMahon hit Soundgarden Hall for Bass Nation.  The show featured support from locals Love City DJs and Jack Deezl, and was a great time from the moment the doors opened.


After Jack Deezl and Love City DJs kicked off the night and warmed up the crowd, Ajapai hit the decks rocking a fedora…this may be a first for any DJ at Soundgarden Hall.


The Japanese Dubstep maestro, Ajapai, put on an awesome set that, as one could guess, was filled with bass.  The crowd was left begging for more when Xilent came on following Ajapai.


Rocking shades and blasting bass heavy tunes, Xilent picked up the pace and kept the crowd rocking.  Xilent did not disappoint and his fellow English countrymen would have been proud of his performance.


The fans at SGH seemed to enjoy Xilent so much that the night could have ended with him.  We were very happy that it didn’t however, because we knew the best had yet to come.  Up next was Texas based Crizzly and his kilt wearing hype man.


We have covered Crizzly numerous times (most recently at Snowball Music Festival and when he opened for EOTO at the TLA) and knew his set was going to be a blast.


Crizzly mixed a wide variety of music and played everything from Missy Elliot remixes to a remix of “This is the Way We Ball”

Crizzly “Way We Ball”


Crizzly’s hype man put on a show of his own. We believe another first happened at Soundgarden this night as he ran through the crowd and onto the balcony with the microphone, handing it off to people as he went by.


The night got even wilder as people were brought onto the stage, cell phones we borrowed from the audience and used to film, and multiple crowd surfing rides went down.


Crizzly showed Philly yet again that he is the real deal.  Bass Nation Philly was again the place to be and we can’t wait for the next one on Friday, April 26th at Soundgarden Hall featuring Bro Safari, Roksonix and many more.

Bass Nation Philly Ticket Info: http://bit.ly/YEIpuD

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[Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

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Twurkaholics: West Coast Flavor at Soundgarden Hall

DSC_1024 copy

On Friday, April 5th, Spring was in the air and warmer weather was on its way to Philadelphia. Perhaps the Summer-like temperatures caught a ride from the West Coast with L.A. based duo gLAdiator who was headlining the most recent addition of Actual Records’ “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall.

DSC_0770 copy DSC_0776 copy

Along with gLAdiator, another Trap Music duo, Loudpvck also rounded out the out-of-town performers for the evening.

DSC_0783 copy DSC_1015 copy

The night kicked off as all Twurkaholics parties do, with a heavy dose of local DJs doing their thing. One thing that was different on this night was the low turnout early in the evening. However, as the night progressed the venue filled up to the capacity that we are used to seeing from these parties.

DSC_0789 copy DSC_0814 copy

As always, there was the usual bells and whistles including confetti blasts, amazing lights, dancers, and costumed characters.

DSC_0982 copy DSC_1025 copy DSC_1044 copy

While the crowd size wasn’t huge for the first four acts of the night, Oddzilla, Schmohawk, Ditchdigger, and Ethan Dubb, all four rocked out some sweet tunes and with the added room on the dance floor, people were getting down.

DSC_0780_h copy DSC_0805 copy

By the time LoveCityDJs took over shortly after 11pm, there was definitely an increase in the Twurkaholics population and LCDs skills showed everyone why he is a staple at these events.

DSC_0879 copy DSC_1080 copyDSC_0917 copy

After a quick mic rocking by MC Buddy Leezle, it was time for Loudpvck to pick it  up. That’s exactly what they did for the next hour. At several points they were joined behind the decks by gLAdiator who officially took over around 1am.

DSC_0894 copy DSC_0948 copy DSC_0956 copy DSC_0991 copy

The next 90 minutes were a blur of of trap and bass tunes with gLAdiator getting down on stage almost as hard as those in the crowd.

DSC_1021 copy DSC_1043 copy DSC_0980 copy

When the party ended around 230am, there was a small exclusive 100 person after party held for those 21+ by Actual Records in Fishtown.

DSC_1127 copy DSC_1093 copy DSC_1091 copy

**Update for our Soundgarden Hall fans: Starting on Friday, April 12th, all shows at SGH will be strictly 18+ (photo ID required)**

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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Moombaholics at Soundgarden Hall Get A Case Of The Munchis

DSC_7036_h copy

After their Twurkaholics party sold-out Soundgarden Hall last month, Actual Records returned on Friday, March 8th with a special treat for Moombaholics, the god-father of Moobahcore, Munchi.

DSC_6786_h copy DSC_6782_h copy DSC_6784 copy

With the stage was decked out in an underwater theme, and Soundgarden Hall’s crazy lights illuminating the dance floor, the evening kicked off with an opening set by Desafinado.

DSC_6773_h copy DSC_6953 copy DSC_6791_h copy

Fans were a little slower than normal to arrive at the venue but the low turn out early in the evening proved to be no indication of the crowd that would build just a few short hours later.

DSC_6953 copy DSC_6832_h copy

Twurkaholic staples Ethan Dubb (9pm-10pm) and LoveCityDJs (10pm-11pm) took over on the tables for the next two hours. In addition to the music there was body painting courtesy of Bodypaint.me, costumed characters (Kool-Aid Man, Angry Cat, Party Owl) from Funtown Productions, go-go dancers, stage performers, confetti blasts, and a slew of giveaways.

DSC_6816 copy DSC_6911_h copy

Around 11pm, when DJ Nappy hit the stage, there seemed to be a sudden influx of people flooding into the venue. Like a school of sharks that sense chum in the water they flocked to the dance-floor, filling it from the front to the back.

DSC_6855 copy DSC_6779 copy DSC_6884 copy

Canada’s GrandTheft hit the decks at midnight. Having played gigs all over North America including rocking over 100,000 fans at Canada Day, and the 2010 Olympics (where he was one of the official DJs), GrandTheft knows how to work a crowd. He had SGH going bonkers.

DSC_6892 copy DSC_6917 copy DSC_6919 copy

The last 90 minutes of the night was owned by the man himself, the headliner, the mogul of Moombahton, Munchi. To say that fans were hungry for Munchi’s performance wouldn’t be accurate. They didn’t have a simple case of the Munchi’s, they were downright ravenous.

DSC_7004 copy DSC_6986 copy DSC_6939_h copy

The place went absolutely nuts for the big-haired DJ who had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. Moombaholics certainly got their fix on this night but we suspect they are already salivating for more.

DSC_7023 copy DSC_7021 copy DSC_6899 copy

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[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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Koan Sound & Gemini: Bass Meditation in the Zen Soundgarden

DSC_6120 copy

It was another night of Bass Music bliss for fans at Soundgarden Hall on Friday, March 1st as Steez Promo presented the latest edition of Bass Nation with LoveCityDJs, Speaker For The Dead, Billy Van, and headliners Gemini & Koan Sound.

DSC_5968 copy DSC_6033 copy DSC_6128 copy

DSC_5938 copy

The crowd was somewhat smaller than at recent events when we arrived at SGH (mostly because those other events were crazy packed sold-out nights) but it didn’t take long for the numbers to build in size, filling the dance floor, and spilling over into the side platform and the Hacienda Lounge in the back (which was open to all ages, not just those 21+)

DSC_6035 copy

DSC_5975 copy DSC_6009 copy DSC_6134 copy

After sold opening sets by LoveCityDJs and Speaker For The Dead, Billy Van took over at 1015pm. Rocking a Keytar (M-Audio Axiom 25 keyboard) at points during his set, his high energy sound was very well received by the crowd. This was the first time we’d seen Billy Van perform, but we highly suspect that it will not be the last.

DSC_5951_h copy DSC_5994 copy DSC_6104 copy DSC_6147 copy

Gemini was up next and despite playing the set before Koan Sound, it quickly became apparent that many fans had come out on Friday night to see the English born producer/DJ. He didn’t disappoint them as he dropped several of his own hit tracks & remixes, including a brand new banger that he said he had never played before. We’ll take his word for it.

DSC_6111 copy

DSC_6020 copy DSC_6062 copy DSC_6053 copy DSC_6113 copy

Despite their relatively young ages, Jim Bastow & Will Weeks, the duo known as Koan Sound, are well respected and accomplished producers and DJs that have toured with the likes of Skrillex and Diplo. It’s no surprise to see the guys headlining their own shows now with their high energy funky bass-music sounds.

DSC_6123 copy DSC_6146_h copy

Accompanied behind the tables for most of their set by Gemini, Koan Sound kept the place bumping for the rest of the night. Surprisingly, some of the people who had turned out to see Gemini left the venue before Koan Sound’s headlining set, but those who stayed were rewarded with a barrage of bass from the young guns.

DSC_6174 copy DSC_6180 copy

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[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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C is for Cookie, That’s Good Enough For Mega

DSC_5105 copy

Philly Mega, an eight hour extravaganza of bass music, took place at Soundgarden Hall on Sunday, February 17th.

DSC_4946 copy

The event, presented by Steez Promo, came on the heels of back to back sold-out shows at the venue (Above & Beyond and Twurkaholics), but that didn’t stop fans from coming out in large numbers to see some fantastic DJs.

DSC_4923 copy DSC_4949 copy

Local DJs Ruxbin, LoveCityDJs, and Jack Deezl were charged with warming up the crowd for the first few hours. All of these gents have established a strong local following, playing everything from small warehouse events to opening for major international superstars.

DSC_4867 copy DSC_4943 copy

Up next was a B2B (tag-team to the older crowd) set by drum & bass wizards AK1200 and Dara. These dudes have been on the scene since we started going to raves in the mid-1990’s and they brought the fire. Combining new tracks with old techniques (like spinning actual vinyl), their 90 minute set was personally our highlight of the night. We hope to hear a lot more proper drum & bass in Philly in 2013.

DSC_4870 copy DSC_4886 copy

Trap master Carnage took over at 11pm and dropped some dirty hip-hop infused beats on Soundgarden Hall. Many of the younger fans who seemed a little lost during AK1200 & Dara, came roaring back to life almost immediately after Carnage hit the decks. Trap music isn’t personally our favorite, but Carnage’s set was filthy and we enjoyed every single moment of it.

DSC_4934 copy DSC_4939 copy

FuntCase got his turn on the tables at midnight and the English dub-stepper, wearing his trademark mask, unloaded a blitz of up tempo beats on the crowd. His energy level was through the roof.

DSC_5019 copy DSC_4965 copy DSC_5059 copy

Finally, headliner Cookie Monsta finished off the night with some late-night bass that reverberated throughout the entire space, causing everyone from the fans in the front (many of whom were rocking Cookie Monster inspired outfits) to those in the back to gobble down some sweet beats.

DSC_5107 copy DSC_5117 copy DSC_5100 copy

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