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Moombaholics at Soundgarden Hall Get A Case Of The Munchis

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After their Twurkaholics party sold-out Soundgarden Hall last month, Actual Records returned on Friday, March 8th with a special treat for Moombaholics, the god-father of Moobahcore, Munchi.

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With the stage was decked out in an underwater theme, and Soundgarden Hall’s crazy lights illuminating the dance floor, the evening kicked off with an opening set by Desafinado.

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Fans were a little slower than normal to arrive at the venue but the low turn out early in the evening proved to be no indication of the crowd that would build just a few short hours later.

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Twurkaholic staples Ethan Dubb (9pm-10pm) and LoveCityDJs (10pm-11pm) took over on the tables for the next two hours. In addition to the music there was body painting courtesy of Bodypaint.me, costumed characters (Kool-Aid Man, Angry Cat, Party Owl) from Funtown Productions, go-go dancers, stage performers, confetti blasts, and a slew of giveaways.

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Around 11pm, when DJ Nappy hit the stage, there seemed to be a sudden influx of people flooding into the venue. Like a school of sharks that sense chum in the water they flocked to the dance-floor, filling it from the front to the back.

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Canada’s GrandTheft hit the decks at midnight. Having played gigs all over North America including rocking over 100,000 fans at Canada Day, and the 2010 Olympics (where he was one of the official DJs), GrandTheft knows how to work a crowd. He had SGH going bonkers.

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The last 90 minutes of the night was owned by the man himself, the headliner, the mogul of Moombahton, Munchi. To say that fans were hungry for Munchi’s performance wouldn’t be accurate. They didn’t have a simple case of the Munchi’s, they were downright ravenous.

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The place went absolutely nuts for the big-haired DJ who had everyone eating out of the palm of his hand. Moombaholics certainly got their fix on this night but we suspect they are already salivating for more.

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[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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It’s Official, Twurkaholics Are Sell-Outs

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Two months ago (in December, 2012) we brought you the story of Actual Records, the successful rise of their label, and their “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall.

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To give you a quick recap, the first ever Twurkaholics was held at Medusa Lounge, a venue that holds somewhere between 100-200 people.

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The first Twurkaholics party at Soundgarden Hall two months ago, packed over 1100 fans into the 2000 person capacity venue. The January edition, on the night of a snow storm in Philly, still brought in 1000 people.

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Last night (Saturday, February 16th), the third installment of Twurkaholics set a venue record for pre-sale tickets (800+) and by midnight the party had completely sold out the venue, forcing staff to turn away anyone without an advanced ticket. Sometimes, selling out is a good thing.

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The night before, Soundgarden Hall hosted a sold-out, 21 and over show with the legendary trance group Above & Beyond, making it two consecutive sold-out events.

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While the Above & Beyond event sold-out the venue based on the strength of name recognition and rabid fan base of the performers, it was quite a different story for Twurkaholics. The performers, while all very talented in their own right, would not have anywhere near the drawing power of an internationally acclaimed tour in other venues or cities. So how were they able to do it in Philadelphia? Good old fashioned hard work.

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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re fond of the dudes from Actual Records. They are all hard working, down to earth, talented, performers and self promoters. However, we don’t need to blow smoke (machines) up their ass. We don’t cover Twurkaholics because they are good guys; we cover their events because they have quickly become some of the largest, craziest, all-out-parties in the region.

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Their formula is simple, much as it was in the movie “Field of Dreams”: If you build it, they will come. Of course Actual Records isn’t in the business of building baseball fields, instead, they have built trust among Philadelphia EDM fans. That trust has been built in warehouses, small venues, and large venues. It is trust in the notion that their events are all about the music and the fans.

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They might not get the biggest names, okay, let’s be honest, they don’t get the biggest names, but they get top notch TALENT on the decks that throw down from the first set of the night until the last. It’s the trust that regardless who who is performing, that Twurkaholics will provide a full night of stellar music, that compels fans to faithfully pack into these events.

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Add in the low ticket cost ($10 in advance, $15 at the door), a ton of giveaways, dancers, performers, and costumed characters (courtesy of Funtown Productions), and it’s easy to see why Twurkaholics continues to raise the bar that they have set themselves.

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Last night’s Valentine’s Day edition featured DJs from the Actual Records crew and several others from the Trouble & Bass crew. There were women, men, and even a couple that performed a B2B (tag-team) set. The evening was headlined by AC Slater.

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Now that they’ve sold out one of the largest venues in the city that caters to EDM, what is next for Twurkaholics? Will they take the show on the road? Will they draw in fans from greater distances? Will the production value of the show increase? One thing is for certain… when the party returns next month, on March 8th with a Moombah edition called “Moombaholics”, be sure to get your tickets in advance or you could, quite literally, be left out in the cold.

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