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Twurkaholics: West Coast Flavor at Soundgarden Hall

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On Friday, April 5th, Spring was in the air and warmer weather was on its way to Philadelphia. Perhaps the Summer-like temperatures caught a ride from the West Coast with L.A. based duo gLAdiator who was headlining the most recent addition of Actual Records’ “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall.

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Along with gLAdiator, another Trap Music duo, Loudpvck also rounded out the out-of-town performers for the evening.

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The night kicked off as all Twurkaholics parties do, with a heavy dose of local DJs doing their thing. One thing that was different on this night was the low turnout early in the evening. However, as the night progressed the venue filled up to the capacity that we are used to seeing from these parties.

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As always, there was the usual bells and whistles including confetti blasts, amazing lights, dancers, and costumed characters.

DSC_0982 copy DSC_1025 copy DSC_1044 copy

While the crowd size wasn’t huge for the first four acts of the night, Oddzilla, Schmohawk, Ditchdigger, and Ethan Dubb, all four rocked out some sweet tunes and with the added room on the dance floor, people were getting down.

DSC_0780_h copy DSC_0805 copy

By the time LoveCityDJs took over shortly after 11pm, there was definitely an increase in the Twurkaholics population and LCDs skills showed everyone why he is a staple at these events.

DSC_0879 copy DSC_1080 copyDSC_0917 copy

After a quick mic rocking by MC Buddy Leezle, it was time for Loudpvck to pick it  up. That’s exactly what they did for the next hour. At several points they were joined behind the decks by gLAdiator who officially took over around 1am.

DSC_0894 copy DSC_0948 copy DSC_0956 copy DSC_0991 copy

The next 90 minutes were a blur of of trap and bass tunes with gLAdiator getting down on stage almost as hard as those in the crowd.

DSC_1021 copy DSC_1043 copy DSC_0980 copy

When the party ended around 230am, there was a small exclusive 100 person after party held for those 21+ by Actual Records in Fishtown.

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**Update for our Soundgarden Hall fans: Starting on Friday, April 12th, all shows at SGH will be strictly 18+ (photo ID required)**

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[Photo credit: D. Jacob Miller Photography]

You can view an expanded photo gallery of Twerkaholics and the after-party below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Diplo at Soundgarden Hall: Things Get Expletive Expressive

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On Sunday, January 20th, 2013, superstar DJ and producer, Diplo, took his one of a kind show to the air. Not the airwaves, we’re talking about the skies… in a helicopter.

DSC_1064_H DSC_1024_H

Playing four shows in a single day, the trek (branded “Trap Hawk Down”) took Diplo from Baltimore, to Philly, to Atlantic City, to New York City.

DSC_1160_H DSC_1141_H

We caught the second leg of his tour in Philly at Soundgarden Hall. The event sold out weeks in advance with fans anticipating a night of mayhem and self expression.

DSC_1035_H DSC_1039_h

The doors of Soundgarden Hall opened at 7pm. Those of arrived early were rewarded with spots close to the stage as well as fast entry into the club. As the night pressed on, the lines outside of the venue grew to lengths we have not previously witnessed there, all on one of the coldest nights of the year.

DSC_1054_h DSC_1387_H

After opening sets from Aaron Ruxbin, Schmohawk, and LoveCityDJ’s (all of who did a great job of warming up the crowd), Diplo hit the decks at 9:30pm to play a 90 minute set.

DSC_1028 DSC_1160_H

The next hour and a half was just what we had expected, dirty beats, debauchery, and everything else that has become common place at a Diplo show.

DSC_1168 DSC_1084_h DSC_1452_h

He began his set wearing a hoodie, transitioned to a T-shirt, removed his shirt altogether (encouraging everyone in the crowd to do the same), and eventually dawned the T-shirt again.

DSC_1066 DSC_1162_h DSC_1246

He climbed on top of the DJ table, he invited females on stage to “express themselves, and he dropped a slew of fan favorites and new tunes that had the place going bananas.

DSC_1257_H DSC_1267

When he was finished, the ceilings were literally dripping with condensation from the heat generated by the packed house. It was crazy.


LoveCityDJs took over again around 11pm before handing the reigns over to Ethan Dubb followed by BHB (who closed out the night).

DSC_1514_h DSC_1403_h

We can sum up the night like this: Diplo, Fly High, Get Down.

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You can view our huge photo album below (click thumbnails for full-sized slide show):

Soundgarden Hall Gets Down with Downlink

It was another crazy night of bass at Soundgarden Hall on Friday, November 9th as Steez Promo presented the latest edition of their Bass Nation party featuring headliners J-Rabbit, Bare, and Downlink (with local support from Space Jesus and Schmohawk).

The event, which was hosted by Khadafi Dub, featured several dancers and performers but it was the music that took center stage.

Soundgarden Hall was packed once again as fans of all ages jammed into the venue to jump up and get down.

There’s very little we can say about this one that the photos can’t say for themselves so without further ado, you can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge).

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Datsik and Company Bring Firepower to Soundgarden Hall

On Friday, November 2nd, Soundgarden Hall played host to the Firepower Tour that featured xKore, Terravita, and headliner, Datsik.

The event, presented by Steez Promo, also featured opening sets by locals Mojo Risin of House of Hearts, and Schmohawk from Actual Records.

There was no Halloween hangover just two nights after another huge show (“The Freaks Come Out at Night“) at Soundgarden Hall on Wednesday. Legions of fans, many still dawning costumes, lined up from the moment the doors opened and continued to flow in even hours later.

Inside, Soundgarden Hall was packed from from to back, side to side. All three of the opening acts performed admirably, setting the stage for the Firepower Tour DJs.

xKore really got the place moving dropping dubstep, electro, and other bass-heavy fan favorites in rapid succession. He had the place bouncing and going absolutely bonkers.

Terravita was up next, and the DJ duo/MC combo act dropped a slew of fantastic drum & bass hits, including some brand new bangers that are sure to be making the rounds in DJ sets in the very future. Their set, that included some killer hip-hop and reggae infused bangers, was the perfect bridge between the two dubstep heavy sets of xKore and Datsik.

Finally, headliner Datsik took the stage just after 1230am. As dancers (and even a giant blue bear) shook it on stage, Datsik laid down some filthy bass drops. It’s easy to see why this guy has charted numerous #1 tracks on Beatport and his live sets add yet another element to his stellar productions. He had Soundgarden Hall eating out of the palm of his hand until the doors closed, sending fans out onto the chilly streets of Philadelphia to cool their jets.

Our only complaint was the 10-15 minute set break between Terravita and Datsik where they played down-tempo reggae music. In our opinion, there should not be set breaks between DJ’s, especially ones in which the pre-recorded music being played takes the energy in the building down a few notches.

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You can view an extended photo gallery below (click on thumbnails to enlarge):