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Interview with Charly of Dirtyphonics

Avaland Presents Donald Glaude & Richard Vission 1.5.13

French electronic dance music quartet “Dirtyphonics” have made some big waves in a relatively short period of time. A rabid fan base, peer adoration, a jet set touring schedule, and a brand new album can all be checked off of their bucket list. Two things they haven’t done are play a show in Philadelphia or do an interview with Independent Philly…until now.

They’ll be rolling into town on May 9th so we had a chat with Charly to find out more about Dirtyphonics what fans can expect from their live show.

Independent Philly: Who came up with the name “Dirtyphonics” and what special meaning does it hold for you guys?

Charly: When we first started and realized we were going to take it to a professional level we all sat down together and we wanted to find a name that represented who we are, and the music we make. We felt that Dirtyphonics was a great combination because it was a contrast between “dirty” and “phonics”: dirty being an attitude or a style of life or the kind of music we make in terms of how the bass is and at the same time phonics represents how much attention to detail and to the quality of everything we do. So the two of them together we thought are really great and really represent the fusion of us and our music.

IP: Your debut LP “Irreverence” just dropped a month ago. How has the response been to the album thus far?

Charly: It’s been insane. Like you said, it’s our debut album and when you do that you really don’t know what to expect. Especially in the scene today where everyone comes up with singles and EPs, we chose to go with a full length because it gave us the opportunity to dig a lot deeper into the sound that we have. Putting this out and the reaction we’ve had from the industry, the producers, the fans, the press, everything, has been awesome. We hit the #1 selling spot on the Beatport charts, we’re doing really well on iTunes, every single night on this tour we have the crowd singing the songs, and then all of the producers and all of the fans around the industry have been giving us a lot of props. We’re really, really excited about the way it’s been received.

IP: You guys are in the midst of a major North American touring schedule for the next several months with some major festivals like Coachella, Orion, and Camp Bisco mixed in. Do you prefer to play the larger festivals or the smaller, more intimate venues?

Charly: I guess we like all of them. You know obviously it’s different to play in front of thousands and thousands of people at a huge festival and then go back to like the 500 person capacity club. It’s awesome to see a huge crowd in front of you but it’s incredible being a couple feet away from the crowd as well and sharing the sweat and eye contact. We really love it all; there’s nothing we prefer really.

Dirtyphonics "Irreverence Tour" Seattle, WA 3.28.13

IP: What can your fans expect from a live Dirtyphonics show if they’ve never seen you perform in person before?

Charly: Well what’s real interesting with what we we do, and that’s why we choose to do that, is obviously we’re part of the EDM community or scene but at the same time our aura on stage needs to be unique, and then, you know, the energy we have and the way we share the music with the crowd is pretty unique. What’s major is that we used to play in metal bands so that history planted the seeds for the kind of L.A. punk energy that we have on stage. It’s not just four dudes standing behind their equipment throwing out a couple nods because we also stage dive and interact with the crowd. We go out into the crowd, you know, we like to share the real moments with the music and human elements to have a real connection with the crowd. That’s what’s really specific about us.

IP: Being that you used to play in metal bands and punk bands, who are some of your favorite bands out there right now that fall under the metal/rock/punk genres?

Charly: There are lots of them. We’ve been fans of “Metallica” forever. We love “The Haunted” right now, “Machine Head”, “The Deftones” “Slayer” obviously. We even like “Black Sabbath” from back in the day, “Guns N’ Roses”, there are like so many of them.

IP: Being that you’ll be out on the road for quite some time, what are some of  your favorite, and least favorite parts about touring?

Charly: It’s such a weird and awesome lifestyle. The best points are obviously being able to meet so many different people and discovering so many different cultures, and getting to see things that very few people get to see. I mean we travel all around the globe, all year long. It’s incredible to be able to discover these things. What’s kind of hard is being away from your girlfriend, family, and friends because you don’t really see them that much but I guess that’s the choice you have to make with this life.

IP: I’m sure it varies a little from city to city but is there any kind of set routine that you guys try to follow on the day of a show?

Charly: A general routine? Probably not. I mean, obviously yeah with the sound-check and all of that, but I wouldn’t really call that a routine. Now, what we like to do right before the show, right before playing, is that we get really, really excited. Probably fifteen minutes before the show, we can feel this energy that’s in the four of us, rising, and we just can’t wait to be on stage and play. I guess some people get nervous but we just get really excited. What we do right before we hit the stage is we have a big group hug, realize once again, every single night what we’re doing and how lucky we are. Then we have a shot of vodka and then it’s showtime!


IP: Let’s do a quick “Best of Dirtyphonics”. Tell us, out of the four of  you, who would be the most likely to win the following, starting with who would be the best dressed member of the group?

Charly: Probably Thomas, you can see it in our promo picture.

IP: Who’s the best dancer?

Charly: That would be Pitchin.

IP: Who’s the funniest member of the group?

Charly: I guess we’re all pretty funny but give it to Julien.

IP: Who’s the biggest Lady’s Man?

Charly: (Laughing) That’s gonna land on my shoulders.

IP: When you do find yourselves with a little bit of down time, what do you guys enjoy doing?

Charly: If we’re home, obviously we’re going to try to spend as much time as we can with girlfriends, friends, and families. Now when we’re on the road we really like to go out and explore, see the scenes. See the mountains, see the oceans, see whatever is around. Then obviously there’s shopping time, which is usually online shopping, but we like to do a bit of that. Shopping especially when you can go out and grab little bits and pieces of everywhere and each culture so that later when you’re missing them you can have these memories from tour.

Dirtyphonics "Irreverence Tour" Spokane, WA 3.29.13

IP: You guys are going to be rolling into Philadelphia on May 9th to play at the Theater of the Living Arts. Would you like to give a shout out to your fans here ahead of that show?

Charly: Yeah definitely! It’s going to be our first Philly show and we’re really, really excited about it. We actually have a history in Philly because our agency comes from there and we can’t wait to be there and rage with you guys!

IP: Finally, please tell us something about yourself or Dirtyphonics as a whole that would surprise or even shock our readers…

Charly: Oh, we’re getting into the secrets now.

IP: Yup, secrets time.

Charly: (Laughs) Give me a second for that. Let me ask Pitchin if he has a good answer (pauses). It’s a hard question because, to be honest, we don’t have much to hide and we’re happy to answer any questions when they’re asked. Okay, if you come to the Philly show, you might see Pitchin naked.

IP: We’ll let people know and we’ll see you in Philly.

Charly: See you there.

The Dirtyphonics show is Philly is sure to be an awesome night of music. Not only are Dirtyphonics going to be rocking our city for the first time, but they’ll be joined by a stellar supporting cast that includes Le Castle Vania, ETC!ETC! and locals Frost and Ruxbin.

We’ll be there to catch all of the action and we really hope you’ll join us. You can pick up advanced tickets and save yourself some money (or heartbreak if the show sells out in advance). If you just don’t have the funds to buy a ticket, you can enter our contest and win one of the two tickets we are giving away!


Snow? No? Go! To EOTO

DSC_3945 copy

With a blizzard and nor’easter bearing down on much of the northeast on Friday, February 8th, Philadelphia was spared from the brunt of the storm. In fact, in downtown Philadelphia the reports of 4-8 inches of snow proved to amount to a dusting at most.

DSC_3853 copy

Whether those heading to the Theater of the Living Arts knew something the weathermen didn’t, or they were willing to risk it to catch an amazing night of music, we’ll never know. One thing was for sure, the fans came out to get down with EOTO.

DSC_3795_h copy

The event, presented by Steez Promo, kicked off at 8pm with an opening set by Dubsef who warmed up the crowd for the first hour as the venue slowly began to fill in.

DSC_3730 copy

Up next was a set from D.V.S. who took the energy down a notch from Dubsef with some groovier jams that fit in nicely with the EOTO crowd.

DSC_3930_h copy

Crizzly, the official opening act for EOTO on this tour, took over next and crunked up fans with support from his MC who didn’t miss a beat, rocking the mic even as he crowd surfed.

DSC_3785 copy DSC_3814 copy

Crizzy’s sound is grimy, not an obvious choice for an opening act, but it worked. This was just one of the things we spoke with Jason Hann of EOTO about before the show. You can catch that interview here:

Finally it was time for EOTO to take the stage for not one, but two sets. Starting off slowly (both musically and visually) the opening set built up nicely. The crowd loved every minute of it, rocking out on the ground floor and from the balcony above as EOTO’s digitial stage mapping and killer laser show provided the perfect visual backdrop.

DSC_3698 copy DSC_4043_h copy

EOTO shows are unique due to the group’s ability to incorporate numerous genres of music which they produce live, making each concert a one-of-a-kind experience. Their fans are a hybrid of EDM fans and jam-band enthusiasts.

DSC_4017 copy

The second set was as energetic as the first and left us thinking that perhaps it was the heat inside the TLA (musically speaking) that helped hold off the snow.

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You can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

A Silent Film Makes Noise in the Theater


English alt-rock quartet A Silent Film hit the Theater of the Living Arts on Thursday, February 7th, touring in support of their 2012 album “Sand & Snow”. 

silentFilm-7605 silentFilm-7692

The band, who recently relocated to the United States, is currently joined on tour by opening act Gold Fields. Gold Fields is set to release their debut LP “Black Sun” on February 26th and has been named one of 13 artists to watch in 2013 by both MTv and Billboard.


A decent sized crowd had formed by the time the headliners took the stage including several devoted female fans who pressed up against the barricade in the front.


One they hit the stage, the band mixed in well known older hits like “You Will Leave a Mark” along with newer selections from Sand & Snow. A Silent Film played a short ten song set, with lead singer Robert Stevenson keeping the energy levels high on stage, before returning for a two song encore that featured a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia”.


They might be called A Silent Film, but to their fans, they are the sweetest sound around.

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[photos by: Steve Garfinkel Photography]

Set-list and expanded photo gallery below:


Reaching The Potential

This Stage Is Your Life

Driven by Their Beating Hearts

Cuckoo Song

You Will Leave A Mark

Thousand Mile Race


Love is A Wrecking Ball

Harbour Lights

Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well


Streets of Philadelphia (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat


We Need Daft Punk in Philly, Even If It’s Just One More Time

DSC_1860_h copy

For almost every fan of electronic music, having the chance to see Daft Punk perform live is holding down a top spot on their bucket list. Unfortunately for those who have become fans in the past few years, there hasn’t been any opportunity to see the elusive French duo grace a stage, venue, or festival.

DSC_1732_h copy

Daft Punk has been one of my favorite acts, from any genre of music, since I first saw them live at Shampoo Nightclub back in 1997. I was sitting against a speaker box when they dropped their recent (at the time) track “Da Funk”. I was hooked.

DSC_2040 copy

DSC_1749_h copy

For the next decade I dreamed of seeing them perform again. I bought every one of their album. I scoured through crates and bought unreleased remixes on vinyl in tiny record stores in London, England. I waited, and waited, and waited.

DSC_1949_h copy

DSC_1682_h copy

Finally, in 2007, I was able to see Daft Punk two more times on their “Alive” tour. The shows, at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn and the Vegoose Festival in Las Vegas, are still two of the greatest experiences of my life.

DSC_1695_h copy

Since that time there have been many rumors of new albums, new tours, and new appearances. All have proven to be just that, rumors. The most recent report (within the past week) has them signing a new deal with Sony and releasing a new album this Spring.

DSC_1684_h copy

In other genres of music, most notably Rock, tribute (or cover) bands are a long standing tradition. Tribute bands for Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and countless others have become so popular that they sell out shows themselves. Some tribute bands go so far as to recreate specific shows of the the original band using the exact same set-list. These bands often so successful because fans aren’t able to see the original band because they have broken up, members have passed away, or they just don’t tour anymore.

DSC_1673_h copy

If you think about it, almost every DJ set is a tribute to numerous other producers/DJs as the performer is playing other producers music (often adding their own flavor to it). Being that Daft Punk hasn’t toured in over five years, it isn’t at all surprising that a Daft Punk tribute act, One More Time, has stepped in to fill the void. One More Time replicates the pyramid stage set, chrome helmets, and light up jump-suits from the “Alive” tour.

DSC_1688_h copy

On Saturday, January 26th, they headlined a show at the Theater of the Living Arts. The event, presented by Steez Promo, also featured opening DJ sets by Deep C, Speaker For the Dead, and Nysus.

DSC_1818 copy

After all of the openers had thoroughly warmed up the crowd, One More Time hit the stage just  before 12:30am to a roar of cheers. For the next 75 minutes they dropped Daft Punk anthems infused with their own remixes. It might not have been the real deal, but it was damn near close. As a Daft Punk addict I’d been jonesing for this for half a decade and while it might not have been a pure dose, it was certainly enough for a solid fix. The crowd was not as big as I’d anticipated it would be but everyone there was robot rockin’ out hard.

DSC_1949 (2) copy

When the show ended, I hoped they would return one more time, for one more song. Alas, the set was over, and I was forced to return to Daft Punk limbo, praying that this Spring will play host to a new album, and a long awaited tour. In the meantime, I would be happy to see One More Time, several more times.

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You can watch video of the show, and check out additional photos below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Ow Ow Ow, The OWSLA Tour Hits Philly

The OWSLA Tour descended on Philadelphia on Sunday, November 18th for a crazy night of electric beats at the Theater of the Living Arts.

The night, presented by Steez Promo, kicked off early with opening sets by DJ Ruxbin and Jack Deezl (both from Actual Records). Both of these fellas know how to warm up a crowd and paved the way nicely for the OWSLA talent.

Seven Lions was up first and wasted no time in getting the venue bumping. The TLA was filled nicely and everyone was getting down, us included. You definitely want to check this guy out if he isn’t on your radar already.

Next up was Birdy Nam Nam which was a real treat for us since they are some of our favorite producers/DJs on the scene today. These four Frenchmen started out as sick turntablilists, winning the DMC World Championships on more than one occasion.

From there they hit the studio and began pumping out some sweet down-tempo tunes which eventually morphed into more of an electro sound.

Their sound on stage was magical as they worked seamlessly together creating minimal sounds that were so filthy we almost couldn’t contain ourselves.

The somewhat younger crowd seemed somewhat confused at first, not sure what to do with music that didn’t feed their jones for constant bass-drops, but they soon came to appreciate it. We would have no problem saying that this was our favorite set of the night.

After Birdy Nam Nam, it was time for Monsta to take over and they took hold of the crowd and did not let go. Their set began with DJ duo Rocky & Rufio giving fans the big time bass-drops they had been craving. It was almost harsh in juxtaposition to the set before it.

The harshness didn’t last long. The DJs were soon joined by their live singer Skaar, whose vocals were nothing short of stunning. As a trio these guys are crazy talented and we dug their set immensely.

The headliner for the evening was Kill The Noise, but if you weren’t paying attention you might have thought it was Dillion Francis as KTN dropped numerous Francis tracks in his first hour on the decks.

He definitely got the place jumping, engaging the crowd with the mic and an onslaught of bass. Wrapping up just before 2am, the OWSLA tour was a event we hope you didn’t miss.

As true EDM fans, it offered  a wide selection of sounds  that are absent at many shows these days. Well played OWSLA, well played.

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You can view an expanded photo gallery below (click thumbnails to enlarge):

Gossip is the Truth

We were thrilled when we heard that Gossip would be swinging through Philadelphia as part of their thirteen city tour to support their latest album, “A Joyful Noise”.

The last time we caught Gossip was at Coachella in 2010 and after two years, we were jonesin’ for a dose of their high energy sound.

Lead singer Beth Ditto has a voice that can bring you to your knees. Of course you’ll have to jump right back up on your feet because it’s nearly impossible to resist the urge to dance for more than a few seconds of a Gossip show.

The band wasted no time getting the show started at the Theater of the Living Arts, opening with their infectious hit, “Love Long Distance” before diving into a bevy of other dance-heavy tunes (both new and old) like “Heavy Cross”, “Listen Up”, and “Get a Job”.

Their encore also ended on a high note with another fan favorite, “Standing in the Way of Control”.

As fans prepared to leave, Ditto, who is openly gay, took to the mic one final time to plug for LGBT rights (which received a final roar of applause) and made it clear that in her opinion, fans should be voting for Obama in the upcoming presidential election.

You can view additional photos from the show below:

Neon Nation Maps New Dimension of EDM Events in Philly

Last night a new era of EDM events kicked off at the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street as Art of Electronica presented Neon Nation.

The event showcased several up and coming local DJs (Jack Deezl, Max Gold, LoveCityDJs, and Dubsef) and was headlined by Mustard Pimp.

The real draw of Neon Nation wasn’t the music but the the visual presentation that included 3D stage mapping (complete with 3D glasses), a crazy laser show, performance artists, tons of glow toys, go-go dancers, and body painting from the folks at Bodypaint.me.

The five hour long event thrilled the senses of everyone in attendance, most of whom came dressed in white or bright neon colors.

We think the photos on this one speak for themselves so please check out the full photo gallery below: