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Flosstradamus Traps Fans in Soundgarden Hall

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The last time Flosstradamus was in Philadelphia they played a sold-out show at the Barbary. It was so packed inside that you literally felt trapped.

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This time around, on Thursday, March 28th 2013, the Chicago based duo, who have achieved an even greater level of notoriety since that time for their genre defining Trap Music sets, stepped it up to a much larger venue, Soundgarden Hall.

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The result of moving to a 2000 person establishment? Another sold-out show. Another packed venue. Another hell of a good time.

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The night kicked off at 8pm with an almost four hour b2b set by Ruxbin and BHB. While BHB now resides in NYC, he is no stranger to Philadelphia, often returning to play gigs with the Actual Records and Twurkaholics crews.

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Playing vinyl and CDs (an art that seems all but lost these days) with no laptops in sight, they delved into a wide range of genres to the delight of the crowd. This was an opening set in name only.

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With a line stretching around the corner, the venue was already quite full by 10pm, as it slowly filled to capacity.

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Just before midnight, DJ Spinz took over on the decks and showed the Philly crowd how they do hip-hop in the dirty south, ATL style.

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By this point Soundgarden was packed to the gills with everyone clambering for a good viewing angle  before the headliners hit the stage.

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When Flosstradamus finally hit the stage, in a haze of fog machines and unbelievably bright strobes, the crowd went crazy.

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J2K and Autobot wasted no time in giving the crowd exactly what they had come for, a heavy dose of Trap Music, bright lights, and bass drops.

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Mixing in more recent jams off of their Fools Gold Records albums with older classic hip-hop remixes, the duo rocked the crowd and the mic with ease.

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Fans might have felt packed in like sardines, but we’ve never seen a can of sardines with so many smiling faces. It’s clear why Flosstradamus runs the Trap.

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[Photos by D. Jacob Miller Photography]

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It’s Official, Twurkaholics Are Sell-Outs

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Two months ago (in December, 2012) we brought you the story of Actual Records, the successful rise of their label, and their “Twurkaholics” party at Soundgarden Hall.

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To give you a quick recap, the first ever Twurkaholics was held at Medusa Lounge, a venue that holds somewhere between 100-200 people.

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The first Twurkaholics party at Soundgarden Hall two months ago, packed over 1100 fans into the 2000 person capacity venue. The January edition, on the night of a snow storm in Philly, still brought in 1000 people.

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Last night (Saturday, February 16th), the third installment of Twurkaholics set a venue record for pre-sale tickets (800+) and by midnight the party had completely sold out the venue, forcing staff to turn away anyone without an advanced ticket. Sometimes, selling out is a good thing.

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The night before, Soundgarden Hall hosted a sold-out, 21 and over show with the legendary trance group Above & Beyond, making it two consecutive sold-out events.

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While the Above & Beyond event sold-out the venue based on the strength of name recognition and rabid fan base of the performers, it was quite a different story for Twurkaholics. The performers, while all very talented in their own right, would not have anywhere near the drawing power of an internationally acclaimed tour in other venues or cities. So how were they able to do it in Philadelphia? Good old fashioned hard work.

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We’ll be the first to admit that we’re fond of the dudes from Actual Records. They are all hard working, down to earth, talented, performers and self promoters. However, we don’t need to blow smoke (machines) up their ass. We don’t cover Twurkaholics because they are good guys; we cover their events because they have quickly become some of the largest, craziest, all-out-parties in the region.

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Their formula is simple, much as it was in the movie “Field of Dreams”: If you build it, they will come. Of course Actual Records isn’t in the business of building baseball fields, instead, they have built trust among Philadelphia EDM fans. That trust has been built in warehouses, small venues, and large venues. It is trust in the notion that their events are all about the music and the fans.

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They might not get the biggest names, okay, let’s be honest, they don’t get the biggest names, but they get top notch TALENT on the decks that throw down from the first set of the night until the last. It’s the trust that regardless who who is performing, that Twurkaholics will provide a full night of stellar music, that compels fans to faithfully pack into these events.

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Add in the low ticket cost ($10 in advance, $15 at the door), a ton of giveaways, dancers, performers, and costumed characters (courtesy of Funtown Productions), and it’s easy to see why Twurkaholics continues to raise the bar that they have set themselves.

DSC_4804_h copy DSC_4709 copy

Last night’s Valentine’s Day edition featured DJs from the Actual Records crew and several others from the Trouble & Bass crew. There were women, men, and even a couple that performed a B2B (tag-team) set. The evening was headlined by AC Slater.

DSC_4650_h copy

Now that they’ve sold out one of the largest venues in the city that caters to EDM, what is next for Twurkaholics? Will they take the show on the road? Will they draw in fans from greater distances? Will the production value of the show increase? One thing is for certain… when the party returns next month, on March 8th with a Moombah edition called “Moombaholics”, be sure to get your tickets in advance or you could, quite literally, be left out in the cold.

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Mord Fustang Cucking Frushes It at Lit Ultra Bar

There were several shows in Philly on Thursday, October 18th but from where we were standing, it seemed like everyone was at Lit Ultra Bar where Art of Electronica & CollegeEDM presented a night with Mord Fustang.

Mord never fails to put on a great show and there were a slew of nice opening sets by locals SRG, LoveCityDJs, and Dubsef.

By the time we arrived at the venue there was already a large line outside and a larger crowd inside (with both the 21+ side and the 18+ side nicely filled).

LoveCityDJs was already on the decks dropping some sick trap beats and the party was in full swing.

About 40 minutes later, Dubsef took over to finish warming up the crowd for Mord Fustang and brought his typical high energy track selection and antics on the mic.

By the time the headlining set kicked off, Lit was going bananas. Mord Fustang’s set was on point, a nice mix of trap, dubstep, and electro that had the place jumping until the doors closed at 330am.

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