On Saturday, April 7th, Disorient and Space Pirates present “22,000 Beats Under the Sea” at Shampoo Nightclub. The event is the third installment in their annual party. Last year’s 21K Beats Under the Sea  at Voyeur Nightclub was memorable to say the least and the 2012 edition, “Ancients & Aliens”, promises to kick the party up to new heights, er, depths.

The event, which is for those 21+, will feature three rooms of DJs, stunning visuals & art installations, body painting, and an open bar. On top of that, the party will rage on until 4am (starts at 10pm).

If you still need convincing (you shouldn’t), 22,000 BEATS UNDER THE SEA is a fundraiser for Disorient & Space Pirates, volunteer-run art collectives. All proceeds go towards art, youth programming, theme camps, and their armada of art cars.

We highly suggest buying advanced tickets as these events often reach full capacity.

You are encouraged to dress in the the following styles (although it isn’t required): Pirate, Aquatic, Sci-Fi, Snork, Atlantean, Amphibian, Robot, Mayan, Alien, Merfolk, Siren, Tentacled, Astronaut, Egyptian, Mariner, GlamTech, Pornj.

We’ll see you there Philly!

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