Fan Photos

Yo Philadelphia!

we want to see your best photographs! Whether it’s a photo of yourself, your pet, Philadelphia, area celebrities, Philadelphians in other cities, or anything else that you think screams “PHILLY”, send your photos in to us at (please include your name, age, and 50 words or less about your photo). Must be 18 to enter.

Each month (starting in July) we’ll pick a photo of the month (which will be posted on this page) and the winner will be entered into our yearly photo contest. At the end of June 2012, readers can vote on the photo of the year. The winner will get their choice of some cool prizes and be featured as our “Photo of the Year” photographer!

You must be the rightful owner of the photograph you submit and have 100% approval to use it. By submitting your photo to our contest you give Independent Philly full rights to use your name and photo for our fan photo page and subsequent contests. You will be given name credit. No inappropriate photos will be selected (full nudity, anything deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, etc). Let’s keep it classy Philadelphia!

Topic for contest #1 (July): Independence

Winner: Morgan Hembree

"This photo is of myself preparing for a piece about my hoop dance fitness classes on NBC's The 10! Show. it took forever to teach the reporter (on the right) how to hoop, but at least she was a good sport."

Topic for contest #2 (August): How I Beat the Heat

Winner: Kevin Holt

"I chased this ice cream truck for about 15 minutes so I could get a cool treat to beat the heat"

Topics for contest #3 (September): Back to School, College, or Hard at Work

Winner: Mark Stempler

"Back to school in Philly kicks off with the Mayor's Cup...go Temple!"

Topic for contest #4 (October): Halloween

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